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Safe Link Review 2020 SCAM or LEGIT? | LEGIT

Do you still remember the LEGIT in 2019 yesterday which paid up to approximately 4 months? This platform is a new program from those with the same registration system that uses email so that your account becomes more privacy. This platform was released yesterday and we are only able to review today but it doesn't matter because registering today you still have a good chance to get Profit.

Later in the afternoon we may share proof of payment from this new platform. You can register and wait for proof of payment from us or immediately make a deposit all up to you which is clear if you do not do anything DOGE balance also does not move up or down and again for now DOGE prices continue to hold in the range 28-29 IDR and morning It touched the price of 30 IDR which clearly with the price stagnation makes it also difficult for you to trade and make profit from trading unless you have a large enough capital, so for now it would be better to increase the amount of DOGE from the cloud mining program.

Review was released some time ago and this platform comes with a number of interesting programs besides cloud mining which are also equipped with dice game features and some taks (tasks) with pretty interesting prizes. There is also a faucet with a 0.1 DOGE prize every 1 hour that you can claim on the mining page on the "FREE DOGE" button, a free DOGE mining package worth 10 DOGE (valid once).

On the taks page you can at least get up to 50 DOGE to complete easy tasks such as using google authenticator to secure an account, play faucet and game dice, email confirmation etc.

Here you can start investing from 500 DOGE with profits starting from 4% every day, and all potential income is clearly displayed like in the picture above so choose the package that you want. So it is clear for a minimum deposit of 500 DOGE and a minimum withdrawal here is only 20 DOGE so you can withdraw every day even with a 500 DOGE pact but it would be better for you to save first because here there is a withdrawal transaction fee of 2 DOGE.

Is it SCAM or LEGIT ?, We are not hesitant to give the recommendation label, and we hope it really becomes a profitable platform like their programs that we previously waited for their new program and this is a program from our favorite owner


What makes them different so we always wait for their programs and become your recommendations? Basically, almost all cloud mining owners make several copy websites (SCAM) and some paid websites and surely you already know that, for those who don't know, learn more about their roles and functions and so your chances for profit will be greater. It's not that we don't want to explain to you about this, but this is a taboo subject to discuss, so if you have any questions, we will be happy if you visit the Facebook page or contact by email if you have questions. Back to the topic above, so basically find a paid website! from some copy / clone websites (it's hard bro! yeah it's really hard it's hard),

Now we provide answers to the questions above, so their paid programs usually have the following characteristics: the appearance of a new website (the original and the template are different from most other programs), sometimes it has additional programs besides cloud mining, and of course the viewing aspect is very convincing . Their program can last longer than other programs because it does not use channels such as dogeloop et al. We mean they do not recommend new platforms on the old platform (there is a new platform means the old platform will SCAM / investment on the old platform automatically stops because all investors will move to the new platform). Their program is allowed to flow as it is and investors come gradually and allow old investors to reinvest.

Payment proof 

In accordance with what we said this afternoon we updated to proof of payment from spacedoge here. The fast deposit process is only 1 minute for confirmation, and the withdrawal process can also be instant so don't miss the train.

Calculation of a clear profit of a deposit of 5000 then in 1 month the results of 6000 profit 1000 DOGE, this is calculated based on package 1 that starts from 500 DOGE only. Here the profit rate is in accordance with the specified contract period of 1 month so you do not need to worry if you want to deposit large amounts such as the 50000 DOGE package, the higher the package you choose, the higher the daily income.

Register for here

This platform is starting to be heavily distributed on Google ads so it is likely to last a lot longer for 4-6 months. And as we said before, their platform is growing in popularity step by step.

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